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Meet the team


Jonathan Dawson

I am a Principal investigator working at the interface of stem cell biology and nanomaterials. My main focus is the delivery and stabilisation of biological niches that recruit stem cells and promote their regenerative function. I am co-founder and development lead for the regenerative medicine spin-out company, Renovos.
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Yanghee Kim

I am a postdoctoral researcher working on harnessing the drug delivery potential of clay nanoparticles for bone tissue regeneration. My research career has always revolved around the design and chemical modification of scaffolds/hydrogels and their assessment by in vitro and in vivo studies.

Roxanna Ramnarine Sanchez

I am a recent postdoctoral research associate with a track record of linking fundamental soft matter research to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. My original career path changed significantly from the dental clinic to the bench-top when I set out to create a treatment for severe cases of cleft lip and palate. 

Juan Avilés Milán

I am a postdoctoral research fellow. My experience of doing Bioengineering research projects in both industrial and academic environments ignited the determination to take part in developing tissue engineering approaches for clinical applications. In this regard, I am working with the Nanoclay Group and Renovos towards translating the nanoclay technology into the clinic

Allison Shaw

I am a research and development chemist working at Renovos on a project linked closely with the group. My PhD focussed on nanocomposite materials whilst my undergraduate studies were in chemistry. I am developing a nanoclay to act as a scaffold in the delivery of drugs to the treatment site for regenerative medicine applications.

Atiya Musammat Sarmin

Currently I am doing my PhD at the Queen Mary University of London with Dr. John Connelly and Dr. John Dawson. My project is to develop next-generation in vitro 3D bioprinted models of cutaneous wound healing that will enable the investigation of complex immune, epithelial and mesenchymal cell-material interactions during wound healing. 


Jamie McGuire

I’m a first year PhD, joining the group to investigate the use of protein gradients & patterning in self assembling nanoclay gels, to direct stem cells for bone regeneration. I have a MSc in Bioengineering and BSc in Chemistry, both with a focus on biomaterials for bone regeneration.

Golsana Haghdousti

I am an MSc student at UCL and have joined the group as a visiting researcher to investigate the immune cell response to nanoclays and evaluate biomaterials' bone formation ability in collaboration with Dr Yanghee Kim. I have a background in biological and biomedical sciences, and I am interested in exploring the interface between precision medicine and tissue regeneration."

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Julia Wells

I am a part-time technician specialised in cell work, genetics and histology. I support the group by processing samples and providing technical support. Alongside this, I am doing a PhD with the Bone & Joint group using human decellularized blood vessel matrices and stem cells to promote bone healing.

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Kate Murawski White

I am a full time-technician with experience in stem cells biology, molecular biology and histological analysis. I work with Yanghee Kim towards understanding the response of macrophages to clay nanoparticles for tissue regeneration applications. Also, I support the group by processing samples and providing technical support.

Previous team members


Shi Pujiang (2014 - 2015)

Joanna Greenhough (2014 - 2015)

Luciana Bostan (2019 - 2020)


PGR students

PhD Gianluca Cidonio (2015 - 2019) Co-supervisor with R Oreffo

PhD Cameron Black (2014 - 2019) Co-supervisor with R Oreffo

MD David Gibbs (2013 - 2016) Co-Supervisor with R Oreffo

PhD Daniel Page (2012 - 2018) Co-supervisor N Evans

PhD Roxanna Ramnarine Sanchez (2015 - 2019)

MRES Jay James (2017)

MRES Imogen Heenan (2018)

MRES Henry Jenkins (2019)

​MRES Aya Ben Issa (2019)

MMedSci Vikash Dodhia (2017 - 2018)

PhD Juan Aviles (2016 - 2020)

PhD Mohamed Mousa (2016 - 2020)

UG project students

James Rivett (2015) (med student)

Najeed Khan (2016) (med student)

Toni Randell (2016 - 2017) (intern)

Harry Baker (2018) (med student)

Nat Sci Alex French (2019)

Alex Thomas (2019) (med student)

Nat Sci Hannah Baird (2020)

Hi, I am Vikash Dodhia. A qualified Junior doctor working in Winchester

I was kindly taken on by Jon’s group during my intercalated MMedSc, while taking a year out of medicine. I completed a project working on combining Laponite and a gel made from human bone extracellular matrix for bone regeneration. Jon’s whole team were incredible supportive and accommodating, making my daunting transition from clinical medicine to the lab much easier, while also giving the independence to allow me to develop my own ideas.

Memory Wall

"The nanoclay group working late and having fun"

"The sweet waiting,

Uno is on his way"


 The B&J family always have time to work, for cake and celebration!!!

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